Commercial Real Estate Loans

Androscoggin loans are behind the historic fabric of Maine's landscape and the people that make businesses work.

We are a leader in SBA 504 real estate and equipment loans in Maine by dollar volume.

It sounds like a cliché - and it is - but we have seen it all before. The collective knowledge and constant innovation of the commercial team makes deals happen that transform dreams into reality and ideas into industry.

If you're going to build something for your business - we'd be glad to be involved as soon as possible. Tying traditional financing with local and national programs can lead to solutions uniquely suited to your project.

Historically low-rates can shorten terms or lower rates. A few minutes with a loan officer will usually let you know the options.

Our clients excel at making where they are a better place. If you're renovating for efficiency, curb and customer appeal, or just to make your space a better place to work - we'd like to know about how we can help.

Contact a loan officer today.

Before opening a business account, documentation is needed. Learn more about the requirements.