Cash Management

Keep it, collect it, spend it, track it.

A Business & Government Services officer is the first call to start creating a cash management strategy for your business. They will get you set up with services to match your cash management needs.

Cash Disbursements.

Disburse funds to vendors, employees and other payees with efficiency, reliability and security, using Automated Clearing House (ACH) and zero balance accounts.

Please read our ACH Rules Awareness Guide (PDF).

Cash Collections Services.

Collect funds from customers and concentrate your funds where they can be best utilized through an efficient lock box program.

Sweep & Investment Service.

Maximize your earnings while maintaining liquidity.

Cash Management Sweep Accounts.

After all your checks and deposits are processed at the end of each day, those collected in excess of the target balance are automatically transferred into an overnight cash management sweep investment account. For municipalities, we also offer the option of an FDIC insured sweep investment account for your deposited funds.

Line of Credit Sweep Accounts.

Keep your cash working while minimizing debt. We allocate funds to and from your line of credit daily so you can spend your time growing your business.

Merchant Services.

Increase sales and revenues by offering expanded payment options for your customers. Accept credit card payments online, view credit card transaction processing information and more with our online Merchant Services solutions. Competitive pricing and quick turnaround on credit and debit card sales receipts contribute to improved cash flow.

Business Debit Cards & Credit Cards.

Manage your business travel, entertainment, and other expenses more efficiently with:

  • Online Business Solutions;
  • View up-to-date account balances and transaction detail;
  • Track monthly activity for individual employee cards.

Online Cash Management Solutions.

Our internet solutions offer secure convenient online access to your commercial accounts. You can view account balances, monitor account activity, transfer funds, place stop payments, originate wire transfers and transmit ACH transactions. Plus, you'll get added flexibility and easy access to managing your finances online.

  • Execute internal and external (outside the bank) transfers;
  • Perform stop payments;
  • Send domestic and international wire transfers;
  • Transmit and view Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions;

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Paying Bills with Cash Management

With Online Cash Management, clients can quickly pay anyone online that you pay today by check. Learn more about Online Cash Management.

Check Imaging Services.

We can provide you with check images on a CD ROM along with an index and flexible search criteria to quickly access images of paid checks. Check imaging is also available with our online cash management solutions.

Account Analysis.

We provide a monthly statement that includes average balances, earnings credit allowance, current earnings credit rate and all activity charges.

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