EMV-Chip Card Information

What is EMV?

EMV stands for Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa. These are the companies that started the chip-technology initiative in Europe. EMV typically refers to the chip technology in credit and debit cards. After a multi-country roll-out, these chips are finally here in the US.

When will I get my new debit card?

The majority of Androscoggin Bank clients who already have a debit card will receive an updated EMV chip card when their current card expires. Until you get the chip card, your existing card will still work - even in the new EMV terminals - there is still a place to swipe chipless cards. With both types of cards, the Androscoggin Team works to protect your account and spot fraud. We've got you protected.

How to Use

When paying for purchases at a store, your experience will be a little different than it was with your chipless card. To use your EMV card:

  1. Insert your card into an EMV terminal (note: you can still swipe your card at businesses that do not have an EMV-ready terminal).
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts and approve the amount.
  3. Remove your card from the terminal when prompted.

Online payments remain the same.


Countering fraud is the main reason for incorporating EMV technology at the checkout. The chip makes it virtually impossible for a counterfeit card to be used at the terminal—keeping your account secure.

Don’t worry, Androscoggin Bank has security covered for Online payments too – find out how Verified for Visa protects your account online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still use a signature to complete my purchase, or do I also need a PIN?
A: You'll follow the prompts on the card reader, sometimes you might use a signature and other times you might use your PIN. Both are secure ways to complete your transaction.

Q: What happens if I accidentally swipe my EMV card at an EMV-ready terminal?

A: You will be prompted to insert the card into the reader and then follow the instructions on the terminal.

Q: Why do some businesses have an EMV terminal while others do not?

A: It is up to individual businesses to purchase the new terminals, and not all businesses have upgraded yet.

Q: Will my card still work in places without an EMV terminal?

A: Your EMV card will still work in the traditional swipe terminals, online, and over the phone.

Q: Will my card work in other countries?

A: Yes, but please contact us to let us know when you will be outside of Maine. We will take steps to prevent your card from being blocked. Note: you may need a pin to use your card in some countries.

Q: Will my new debit card be NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled?
A: No. Our chip-EMV debit cards are not NFC enabled.

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Resources for Business

With the widespread introduction of EMV-chip cards, it is vital you read your merchant agreement with all the credit cards your business processes. For most businesses, upgrading your POS terminals will take care of the liability. There are certain exceptions, so check your merchant agreements.

Liability shift for businesses processing cards

October 1, 2015 is the date set by many card companies for what they are calling a liability shift. This simply means that the liability for someone using a counterfeit card  will go to the party in the payment loop without the latest technology protecting consumers.

The resources below are not comprehensive, but might be a good place to start.
•    GoChipcard.com
•    Visa’s online toolkit for merchants
•    DiscoverCard merchant site
•    MasterCard merchant Site 

Fraudsters take advantage of transitional periods.

Please be careful, during any transition, fraudsters abound. If someone comes into your shop claiming to be from your payment processor to upgrade your system and you have not contacted your processor, be suspicious and on alert. Call your processor immediately and do not give the individual access to your systems. This has happened in Maine recently.

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