A Strategic Approach to Greater Giving

We are excited to incorporate a strategic approach to Greater Giving because we feel that targeted and focused efforts offer the biggest return on resources invested. Most of our projects and efforts focus on three important areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture

These areas of focus tie into the prosperity of our community.

Greater Giving Ripple LogoEconomic development is paramount for our overall success--it is important to drive Maine's economic development so we can be competitive and responsive to new opportunities. Building a strong base for business owners and their employees leads to prosperity and means more support for nonprofits and at-risk community members. It is a big cycle that we feel begins with Economic development.

Education is critical in every person to reach their highest potential and lead a fulfilling life. Education is inextricably tied to economic opportunity and fostering a capable workforce.

Arts and culture are important areas for investment. Not only do they lead us to a richer appreciation of the world around us, they are key components in economic development and education. People want to live and locate their businesses around thriving areas where arts and culture are a part of the local scene. Enriching arts and culture helps everyone lead full, interesting and fulfilling lives. This is a sweeping but vital category.

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