Quarterly Awards Overview

Four times a year we make grants to excellent agencies actively working in our communities to help kids thrive. These grants vary based on the need and are awarded in amounts up to $5,000.

Agencies and missions we serve:

  • After-school and mentoring programs
  • Leadership development experiences of all types
  • Promoting literacy and love of learning
  • Coping with homelessness and family discord
  • Promoting mental health and developing effective change and coping mechanisms
  • Learning life-management skills - earning, saving, budgeting and effectively spending money

Androscoggin Bank's MainStreet Foundation, whether through our Quarterly Awards or $25k for Kids Award intends to provide support for non-profit organizations that meet IRS 501(c)(3) status and have filed a form 990 with the IRS within the last calendar year. Applicants must demonstrate how the requested funds will support efforts that will deliver measurable outcomes with sustainable long-term benefits for at-risk youth.

Grants are not intended to support annual operating budgets, endowments, conferences or seminars. The Foundation does not support political organizations or candidates, religious organizations or activities for sectarian purposes.