Quarterly Awards - past recipients.

2017 Recipients

Freeport Community Services (Freeport)
$3,000 was awarded to this Freeport-based nonprofit to support their backpack program. The program provides children experiencing food insecurity with food to take home over the weekend, a time when they do not have access to meals at school.

LearningWorks (Portland)
$5,000 was awarded to this Portland-based nonprofit to support the LearningWorks Summer Camp and its goal of reducing summer learning loss among low-income students who are not meeting grade level standards in math and/or reading.

Susan L. Curtis Charitable Foundation (Portland)
$2,600 was awarded to this Portland-based organization to support their CollegeJam initiative. CollegeJam provides tools, workshops, and information about applying to and attending college to students who face an access barrier to higher education.

Maine Inside Out
$2,500 was awarded to this Portland-based nonprofit to fund programming that improves employment, community engagement and recidivism outcomes for alumni of the arts programs at Long Creek Youth Development Center as youth return to the community after completing their sentences.

My Place Teen Center
$2,500 was awarded to this Westbrook-based organization to help fund year-round, nightly, healthy, robust meals to youth who are food insecure.

Somali Bantu Community Association of Maine
$1,500 was awarded to this Lewiston-based nonprofit that assists members of the refugee community at-large on housing, employment, literacy and education, health and safety matters in an effort to achieve personal independence and maintenance of community ties through community integration.

The Progress Center
$3,500 was awarded to this Norway-based nonprofit to help make its charitable-feeding programs, such as its food pantry, more accessible to disadvantaged teenagers by delivering healthy food to their schools twice per week during the calendar school year.

2016 Recipients

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine
$2,500 awarded to support the Auburn/Lewiston Clubhouse’s efforts to engage younger members in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programming via LEGO robotics build kits, to be used for a six-week program, twice, for up to 10 members, fifth through eighth grade.

Girl Scouts of Maine
$2,500 in support A Place for Girls Lewiston (APFG). The funds will be used to help Girl Scouts of Maine reach at-risk girls in Lewiston through its comprehensive prevention program that promotes resiliency in girls by giving them a safe and healthy physical environment, trust and respect from caring adults and a feeling of belonging and worth.

Trinity Jubilee Center
$5,000 in funding to the Trinity Jubilee Center’s Summer Food Internship Project which gives two at-risk youth the opportunity to build leadership skills, gain hands-on job experience and support their families through cooking breakfast and lunch for low-income and at-risk children in their neighborhood.
Lewiston Auburn Area Housing Development Corporation
$1,010 went to support the social, educational and economic growth programs operated by Lewiston Housing Authority for the benefit of its low-income tenants. The grant will support the establishment of a summer literacy program for children k through grade 3 at the Hillview development of Lewiston Housing Authority.
United Way of Androscoggin County
$2,500 supported the increase of United Way's Backpack Project. The Project provides backpacks filled with school supplies to elementary students in 23 schools in Androscoggin County.
Goodwill Industries of Northern New England
$2,500 in funding to support Goodwill NNE's Take2 program, a youth resilience program that engages disconnected youth at risk of adjudication as participants in an education and job-training program.
Wayside Food Programs
$5,000 was awarded support their mission of increasing access to food for those in need in Southern Maine by providing a system for community based volunteers who serve prepared meals and by collaborating with other hunger agencies in developing an efficient network for the collection and equitable distribution of food.
No Limits Limb Loss Foundation ("Camp No Limits")
$2,500 in financial support to "Camp No Limits," a targeted outreach initiative to families of children with limb loss/limb differences, offering them a supportive, educational and therapeutic camping experience.
Good Shepherd Food Bank
$5,000 was awarded to support the Good Shepherd Food Bank’s Backpack Program at Washburn Elementary School in Auburn for the current school year. The Backpack Program is a school-based food distribution program targeting school-aged kids identified as food insecure.

Oxford Hills Community Gardens (DBA Alan Day Community Garden)
$2,500 was allocated to  a Library & Research Center for the Oxford Hills Community Gardens’ Youth Leadership Program. The Youth Leadership Program offers at-risk students a chance to learn real-life gardening skills, healthy eating choices, cooking on a budget, and valuable communication skills. The Library & Research Center will serve hundreds of youth each year and be open to the entire community.
Tri-County Literacy
$5,000 was given in support of “Read With Me,” a program dedicated to improving the literacy of at-risk, economically disadvantaged youth. This program intervenes during preschool years by educating and supporting parents, distributing free high-quality children’s books to participants and supporting other activities that create a solid foundation of literacy experiences and practices at home and at school.

2015 Recipients

Brunswick Area Teen Center
$2,000 in funds will be used to extend the hours they are open to the area youth and give access to healthy food.

Maine Inside Out, Portland
$5,000 in funding directly to support costs of programming by covering facilitation costs and youth stipends for transitional employment.

Tree Street Youth, Lewiston
$5,000 goes to provide job and leadership development training for a group of at-risk high school youth, who are hired into the role of StreetLeader to work the after school program.

At a Bend in the Road, Hartford
$5,000 was awarded for the design of the interior of a Double-Wide Classroom to fit the special needs of the children.

Lewiston Education Fund
$5,000 was awarded so that 340 students could visit the L.L. Bean Discovery School where they will participate in outdoor activities as well as hear from the workers themselves on their career paths.  

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center’s Nutrition Center, Auburn
$2,400 funded four youth to participate in the Nutrition Center's Summer Youth Gardener Program.

Tedford Housing, Brunswick
$2,500 supported 12-15 homeless teens during the summer so they will stay on course and attend school in the fall and keep following the right track to graduation. 
The Root Celler, Portland
$2,500 in funding designated to support Build A Biz, a program for youth entrepreneurial adventures that seeks to inspire and grow the next generation of Maine's entrepreneurs.

Art Van, Bath
$2,000 was awarded in support of 14 weeks (4 months) of art-making with Lewiston Middle School.  

Hear me Now, New Gloucester
$1,880 was designated to purchase 120 books; take home materials & cover the postage/shipping charges to send to remote families.

Kids First Center, Portland
$2,000 in funding to help with support groups, which are broken out into four age brackets with 6-9 kids per group.  The meetings are 90 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks

The Opportunity Alliance, Portland
$5,000 in funding will aid in the continuation of the Night Light After-School Program (Night Light) & The King Parkside Collaborative (KPAC).

2014 Recipients

Tri-County Literacy
$5,000 was awarded to this Bath, Maine organization focused on improving the literacy of at-risk, economically disadvantaged youth by intervening during the preschool years. The award will support their "Read With Me" (RWM) program, serving children and their families in the Bath area head start and preschool programs.

Bates Dance Festival
$1,500 was awarded to Bates Dance Festival, a Lewiston, Maine organization working to cultivate opportunities for learning, creativity and connection in a support and diverse dance and performance environment. The award is specifically geared towards transportation expenses associated with making the programs accessible to youth.

Mid-Coast Hunger Prevention Program
$5,000 was awarded to this Brunswick, Maine based non-profit focused on providing hungry people with access to healthy food. The funding will help support the expansion of the BackPack Program in Harpswell during the 2014-2015 school year. The BackPack program provides a student and his or her family with enough food to ensure that they don't go hungry over the weekend. $5,000 will provide enough food for 20 students per school year.

Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness
$3,085 was awarded to this Portland, Maine based organization working to change attitudes by providing free disabilities awareness and sensitivity programs for Maine elementary school classrooms.

Camp Ketcha
$3,000 was awarded to Camp Ketcha, a Scarborough, Maine non-profit organization that serves 3000 youths and adults through camp programs focused on creativity, self-discovery, experiential education, physical activity and environmental education.

Franklin County Children's Task Force
$4,996 was awarded to this Farmington, Maine based non-profit committed to strengthening families and preventing child abuse and neglect through mobilizing community resources and advocating for and providing services that promote healthy children and families.

2013 Recipients

The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
$3,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Aug 2013
Funding provided educational programs for homeless/recently homeless parents and their pre-school aged children.

Tri County Mental Health Services
$3,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Aug 2013
To provide children with additional hours of service when deemed necessary but the allowable units of service have been exceeded.

Tree Street Youth
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded May 2013
Funding implemented the AceIt Tutoring program offered to incoming first through fifth grade students. Tree Street Youth partnered with sylvan learning Center to offer 90 min sessions for 6 weeks during the Summer Youth Program.

Advocates for Children
$3,000 - Impact Grant Awarded May 2013
Funds were used to expand the Parent Resource Center's interactive play groups. The program is a prevention service that provides support and education for parents some of who are at risk of child abuse and neglect.

The Root Cellar
$3,000 - Impact Grant Awarded May 2013
Support for the after school enrichment program. Programs include field trips and beatification projects. Goals are to present students with practical skills that have real life value.

Oxford Hills School District
$3,000 - Impact Grant Awarded May 2013
For Roberts Farm-Student run farm and educational program. Produce from the farm is donated to Oxford Hills families with food security needs.

YMCA of Southern Maine-Otter Pond Wilderness Day Camp
$2,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2013
Funds will be used to provide financial assistance for campers with financial need-ensuring that no one will ever be turned away because of inability to pay.

The Caleb Group-River Valley Village
$2,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2013
The grant will be used for a 5-week summer camp program located at River Valley Village. The goal is to help preserve learning that is otherwise lost during school break. It will also include weekly visits from ArtVan.

Camp Susan Curtis Foundation
$2,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2013
The grant will be used to enhance the camp's life skills programming which includes financial responsibility, nutrition/wellness and team building skills.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bath/Brunswick
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2013
The grant will be used to provide mentoring services to children facing adversity in the Bath/Brunswick area.

LAAHDC-Lewiston Housing Authority
$2,700 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2013
The grant will expand the current Aspirations program at Hillview's Public Housing Development to include cooking.

2012 Recipients

Seeds of Independence
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2012
The grant will fund a 12-week session of the Rebound Program, which pairs teenaged juvenile offenders who have been convicted of a criminal offense with adults from the community for an activity or discussion around anger management, decision-making, effective communication, dispute resolutions and change.

Downtown Education Collaborative
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2012
The grant will be used to develop a College Access and Success Mentoring Program (C.A.M.P.) which will select and mentor 12-20 at-risk Lewiston middle school students with the goal of developing college aspirations and plans for successful college admission.

Riverview Foundation
$2,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2012
The grant will establish Youth Leadership Training Positions (YLTP) to provide a greater number of at-risk high school youth the chance to solidify gains (education, health, discipline and responsibility) they have made through successful participation in Riverview's other programs.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
$1,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Feb 2012
The grant will continue to provide support to eight new Big Brothers, Big Sisters matches which were started with Safe Schools/Healthy Students funds that end on 6/30/12.

St. Mary's Medical Center-The Nutrition Center of Maine
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded May 2012
Support for Lots to Gardens youth leadership programs. These programs include "seasonal youth gardener and youth internship programs. Program provides work for low income youth who face challenges finding employment.

Boy Scout Troup 1-2-1
$3,000 - Impact Grant Awarded May 2012
Funds will allow new Boy Scout troop for boys with disabilities to purchase camping equipment.

Auburn School Dept./Franklin Alternative School
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded August 2012
Funds to provide an introductory welding program for at-risk students.

Auburn Lewiston YMCA
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded August 2012
Funds to help support the YMCA's afterschool program. The grant will be used for families who otherwise could not afford to pay for these services.

Kids First Center
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded August 2012
Funds will be used for their ongoing support groups for children experiencing separation and divorce of their parents. Kids First Center also provides co-parenting workshops, support groups for parents and step parents and educational conferences for professionals involved with divorcing or separating parents.

Hear Me Now
$1,000 - Seed Grant Awarded August 2012
Funds were used for a preschool music class for children with hearing loss.

Opportunity Alliance
$2,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Nov 2012
Funds will support the after school programs at Parkside Neighborhood Center. PNC focuses on enhancing the academic, social and emotional well-being of youth. PNC also offers community meals, employment services and emergency assistance with basic needs.

Mission Possible Teen Center
$2,500 - Impact Grant Awarded Nov 2012
Funds will help purchase food and provide daily nutrition education. The teen center serves snacks and nightly meals to approx 40-70 youth per day.

Good Shepherd Food Bank
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Nov 2012
Funds will be used for the backpack Program. The backpack program works with schools to identify students who are food insecure. These students are given a "backpack" with easy to prepare meals and snacks to take home on weekends and school vacations.

Trinity Jubilee Center
$5,000 - Impact Grant Awarded Nov 2012
Funds will support the Juvenile Justice Project. Funds will pay interpreters that staff program to help refugee families with youth entering the criminal justice system.