What We Do

Helping Maine ChildrenThe MainStreet Foundation is a $1,000,000 Foundation with a single purpose and mission - assist organizations with a focus on helping at-risk youth in Maine. Our mission is simple, focused, and essential. The MainStreet Foundation helps keep kids safe, healthy, active, happy, educated, and nourished. These needs manifest themselves in a wide variety of circumstances and situations - and we strive to help as many non-profit agencies as possible. In fact, since our inception in 1997, the Foundation has awarded more than $700,000 to worthy charities.

The Board meets quarterly to review applications for grants and make awards based on how the money will be used to directly benefit a child in need. The Foundation does not administer any aid directly and fulfills its mission through non-profits in the communities we serve. The social service, educational, and charitable organizations that serve these kids and their parents do not fit into a neat category.

The giving is what we are all about. And there are now two distinct ways to apply for and be considered for a grant.