Who We Help

Since our inception we have made grants to a huge range of organizations - serving a diverse population of kids at risk in Maine. As you'll see from this list, the organizations are also diverse - in size and scope, in mission and purpose, in history, and in geography. One thing that they have in common is a focus on kids. Keeping them warm, engaged, safe, fed, and free to be kids!

Recent winning applicants include:

  • Portland's Children's Museum
  • The Telling Room
  • Kids First Center
  • Hear Me NOW!
  • Franklin Alternative School (Auburn Public Schools)
  • Boy Scout Troop 1-2-1
  • Seeks of Independence
  • Riverview Foundation
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Oxford Hills and Midcoast
  • Downtown Education Collaboration
  • St. Mary's Regional Medical Center - Lots to Gardens

Your organization can be next! If your organization focuses on at-risk youth in Maine, we invite you to examine our criteria/guidelines and apply!