Personal choices for checking.

Based on how you want to bank.

Personal checking is at the center of your daily financial life - even if you never write a check! Your individual habits and style are the keys to matching your needs with a great checking account. If you like to write paper checks, use non-Androscoggin ATMs and make deposits in person at one of our retail locations, we have an account for you. If you haven't been inside a bank in years and get cash on the go at the grocery store - we have an account for you, too.

Here's the lineup:

BlueWave Basic is a clean and simple checking option requiring no minimum balance, features complimentary online banking, and no fees at Androscoggin Bank ATMs. Learn more about BlueWave Basic »

BlueWave Access is an account with a low or no fee option tied to direct deposit or mobile deposit and using your debit card a few times a week. Learn more about BlueWave Access »

BlueWave Balance is an account that waives the monthly fee if you keep a $1,000 average balance and get your statements electronically. Learn more about BlueWave Balance »

BlueWave Interest+ gets your money growing with interest paid on balances. Plus, enjoy refunded ATM fees when you use non-Androscoggin ATMs. Learn more about BlueWave Interest+ »

For all of the benefits of our BlueWave checking options see our simple comparison chart.