The Key to Low-Rate Debt Consolidation and Home Improvement

Right now Androscoggin Bank pays up to $525 in qualified closing fees.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) from Androscoggin Bank gives you the flexibility to draw funds only when needed, and lock in a fixed-rate on balances you draw. With competitive low rates and quick access online or in a branch, this is the flexible HELOC option built around your needs.

Getting started with a Home Equity Line of Credit is simple.

Review and apply.

Talk to an Androscoggin Bank lender at a branch near you.The lending support team will review your application and if approved, you’ll know how much you can borrow from the value of the equity in your house.

Enjoy a fixed rate of Prime minus .50% for the first 12 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) after the first 12 months is the Prime Rate + 0%, adjusted monthly, with a minimum APR of 4.25%. See our current rate here

Choose how much.

After approval, you can choose to draw on only a portion of the line amount, or the full line amount right away.

Your home equity line of credit is an instantly accessible pool of money that you can draw on when you need it—for the life of the draw period (up to 10 years).

Choose how long.

With this line of credit, you can choose to fix the rate on the entire balance, if that’s what you need, or only on a portion of the funds. Want to learn more? One of our loan specialists is happy to answer your questions and see if this line of credit is a good fit for your situation.

*All applications for credit are subject to approval. Rates are subject to change at any time. Rates effective 10/30/18.

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