New Account Alerts Available Feb 25. Old alerts system will sunset on March 11.

Take control of your account by getting alerts sent when and how you want. New features are available with these accounts, including being able to specify “do not disturb” times and more than 20 options around alerts. Now you can get an alert for nearly everything, including when a bill is paid, a check clears, or your balance is low.

Here is what you need to know about Androscoggin Alerts.

  • Enroll in the new notification system to continue to receive alerts after March 11, even if you have already enrolled in our old system.
  • Our old notifications system will end March 11 and if enrolled, you will no longer receive notices after this date.
  • You must enroll in online banking or have the mobile banking app in order to take advantage of the new alerts.

Benefits of the new Androscoggin Account Alerts system:

  • Sign up in online banking, through the mobile app or by going into a branch. Read the online banking alert instructions here.
  • You have the option to receive notices over email or text or both. 
  • You can activate push notifications on a mobile device through your Androscoggin Banking app. 
  • Androscoggin Account Alerts are tailored to you. Choose not to receive notifications during a certain time frame by completing your “do not disturb” options.