Our branches will be closing early on Wednesday, December 6th for an offsite employee training.
Branches outside of Lewiston Auburn (Brunswick, Gray, Jay, Lisbon Falls, Portland, Turner, and South Paris) will be closing at 12:30.
Branches within Lewiston Auburn (Main Office, Minot Ave, Subaru Drive, and Sabattus Street) will be closing at 1:00.

In the aftermath of October’s events, the City of Lewiston was in need of a safe and secure place to direct funds for the immediate needs of victims and their families. Androscoggin Bank was honored to partner with the city to serve this need during a critically important moment for our community.

As the philanthropic community came together and self-organized, other reputable funds emerged from organizations and non-profits that are trusted and well-equipped to collect, administer, and disseminate donated funds. The City of Lewiston, with Androscoggin Banks support, will now be collecting funds through the LA Metro Chamber Foundation. Donors can direct funds to support victims, the community response, or impacted small businesses.

We remain committed to supporting the City of Lewiston and the LA Metro Chamber and Foundation in this effort, so that those wanting to help will continue to have a safe and secure way to do so. If you would like to lend your support, please visit the fund below. Together, we will help carry our city through this and thrive once again.

Please see below for ways to support:

    • You can donate ONLINE by clicking below.
    • You can donate by check and mail to: Androscoggin Bank, LA Metro Chamber Foundation, PO Box 1407, Lewiston ME 04243.
    • You can visit any of the Bank’s Branch locations to drop off a donation. Click hereto find the closest Branch location to you.
    • To make a large secure electronic donation via wire transfer, please call (833) 776-0012 or email: TreasuryServices@AndroscogginBank.com.

PLEASE NOTE: When you click the below button to make a donation, you will be brought to a secure payment portal that is powered by Clover (a safe and secure merchant services vendor).

Our Bank has been headquartered in Lewiston for 153 years. We take our name from the river that runs through it. We belong to this city.

Lewiston has endured many challenges over the years, but the events of October 25th are different. They seek to strike at the heart of who we are, all that we cherish and hold dear.  They threaten to rob us of our sense of community and emotional security—but they will not succeed.

That is because we are a tight knit community bound by a deep sense of place, a natural open heartedness and an unyielding resilience born of our mill town roots. And we have no doubt that we will leverage those qualities once again to care for our own, to heal from these events and to strengthen the bonds of our community.

As a community within this community, our Team is committed to follow the example of our selfless first responders, to collaborate with our City leaders, our Chamber, our non-profit partners, our faith communities and our neighbors to not simply carry our City through this, but to thrive once again.

We are committed to support the City of Lewiston in this effort so that those wanting to help have a safe and secure way to do so. If you would like to lend your support, the City has established a fund to help the families and community recover from this tragedy.