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Androscoggin Bank Official Contest Rules

Summary of Contest

Use your Androscoggin Bank VISA® Debit Card to complete 20 Qualified Purchase Transactions per month (as defined below) for the months of February, March and April 2018 and you will be automatically entered in a drawing to win $500 for that month. You can only win once. NO ACCOUNT, OBLIGATION OR PURCHASE IS REQUIRED TO ENTER OR WIN.

Official Contest Rules


Androscoggin Bank is the sponsor of the Contest. For information relating to the Contest, please contact an Androscoggin Bank representative at 30 Lisbon St., Lewiston, ME 04243-1407 or call 1-800-966-9172.


To be eligible, Contest participants must be natural persons, at least 18 years of age and lawful residents of the United States at the time of entry and comply with these Official Contest Rules (each an, “Eligible Participant”). A current, valid US State ID, Driver’s License, US Passport, US Uniformed Services Card, or US Resident Alien/Permanent Resident Card must be presented to claim a prize. Employees, directors and officers of Androscoggin Bank, members of their immediate families (including: husband, wife, parents, children, and siblings) and members of their households are not eligible to enter or win. Each winner will be required to prove his or her eligibility before receiving a prize.


The Contest begins at 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time on February 1, 2018 and ends at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on April 30, 2018.

How to Enter

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS CONTEST. There are two methods of entry. An Eligible Participant’s method of entry has no effect on his or her odds of winning. The odds of winning a prize are dependent on the number of entries received. Methods of entry are: 

1. Automatic Entry: Eligible Participants who are Androscoggin Bank VISA Debit cardholders with checking accounts will be automatically entered in the Contest for each month if 20 Qualified Purchase Transactions are made during that month. A Qualified Purchase Transaction is a signature or personal identification number (PIN) based point-of-sale VISA debit transaction. A transaction that is disputed, fraudulent, or in violation of any applicable cardholder agreement(s) is not a Qualified Purchase Transactions, and will be disallowed. 

2. Mail in Entry: Any Eligible Participant may enter the Contest by submitting a mail in entry. Print your name, email address, mailing address, city, state, zip code and phone number on a 4x6 card and mail the card to Androscoggin Bank, c/o Marketing Department, PO Box 1407, Lewiston Me 04243-1407. All entries must be received no later than the last business day of the applicable calendar month. Eligible Participants may enter once each month during the Contest months of February, March and April 2018.


The prize for each month will be $500 in the form of an Androscoggin Bank check.

Determination of Winner and Prize

During the first week of March, April and May, a random drawing will be conducted to select the winning entry for the previous month. Contest winners are responsible for payment of any local, state, or federal taxes assessed on any prize received. Once an Eligible Participant wins, he or she is no longer an Eligible Participant.

Notification of Winner

Each winner will be notified by telephone, mail, or email after each drawing. In the event that the winner submitted his or her entry by making 20 or more Qualified Purchase Transactions, he or she will be notified by mail at the address associated with his or her account and, if possible, by telephone. In the event that the winner submitted his or her entry by mail, he or she will be notified by mail at the address listed on his or her mail in entry and, if possible, by telephone. If necessary, a second random drawing will be conducted in the event that (i) the Bank is unable to contact the winner (ii) the winner is unable to establish his or her eligibility; or (iii) the winner declines the prize.

General Conditions

1. The Contest is void where prohibited by law. All local, state and federal laws apply. 

2. All entries become property of the Bank. 

3. No substitutions will be made except as authorized by Androscoggin Bank. 

4. By entering the Contest, Eligible Participants agree to abide by and be bound to these Official Contest Rules and any decisions of Androscoggin Bank regarding eligibility of participants, determination of winner, or any other matters. Any Contest rules, explanations, clarifications and subsequent decisions not addressed herein may be made at the sole discretion of Androscoggin Bank and its officers. 

5. By accepting a prize, the winner grants Androscoggin Bank the right to use his or her name, voice, likeness, photographs and written comments for advertising and trade purposes and agrees to sign any required releases in connection with any promotion or publicity without additional compensation, and in order to be eligible for the award of any prize, each winner will be required to sign an Agreement within two weeks of the drawing, which will include verification that the winner has followed all Official Contest Rules. 

6. Each Eligible Participant waives the right to assert a claim for any cost of winning any prize or of participating in the Contest, for any and all costs of redemption or travel to redeem a prize, and for any liability which might arise from redeeming or seeking to redeem the prize. 

7. Androscoggin Bank reserves the right to require the winner(s) to come to an Androscoggin Bank location to present a valid ID as listed above and to sign any documents required by Androscoggin Bank before the prize is issued to the winner(s). 

8. If a prize is won by a person ineligible, unqualified, or unauthorized to participate in the Contest, Androscoggin Bank reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to award that prize to an alternate winner, subject to these Rules. 

9. Androscoggin Bank is not responsible for unsuccessful efforts to notify a winner. 

10. Androscoggin Bank and its officers, directors, agents and employees (collectively “Androscoggin Bank”) are not responsible for any physical and/or mental injury or any damages or loss as a result of participation in the Contest. By participating in the Contest and/or accepting a prize, Eligible Participants release Androscoggin Bank from any and all liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting from participation in the Contest and/or acceptance of prize and acknowledge that Androscoggin Bank has neither made nor is in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, relative to any prize.