Quarterly Awards Grant Application

MainStreet Foundation
Quarterly Awards Grant Application

Four times a year, the MainStreet Foundation awards grants to nonprofits actively working in our communities to help kids thrive. These grants vary based on the need and are awarded in amounts up to $5,000.


  • The Foundation reviews donation requests four times a year: February, May, August, and November.
  • The deadline for grant applications is the 15th day of the month preceding the review month (e.g., January 15 for review in February).
  • Applications received later than this deadline will not be considered for support until the following quarterly review meeting.
  • Notification of grant decisions will be sent by mail no later than the end of the month in which the Foundation’s decision-making groups meet and review applications.


  1. Download the MainStreet Foundation Grant Application (see below)
  2. Complete the application
  3. Include a copy of your organization’s 501(c)3 status
  4. Send the completed grant application and 501(c)3 status to MainStreet Foundation Administrator via US Mail or email.

Mailing Address:

MainStreet Foundation
P.O. Box 1407
Lewiston, ME 04243

Email*: MainStreet Foundation Administrator

If you have questions, please call 207-376-3512.

*Androscoggin Bank is committed to ensure the safety of your financial information. We would like to remind you that emails are not secure. Confidential information such as social security numbers, account numbers, access ID’s or passwords should not be used when communicating via email.

Grant Criteria

The more clearly a proposed project can demonstrate that it has a positive impact on – and meets specific needs of at-risk youth – the more favorably it will be viewed by the Foundation’s Board. The Foundation generally gives priority to local organizations with sustainable, if modest, organizational budgets. In the case of requests from large organizations (e.g. with annual operating budgets in excess of $2 million), the proposal and related budget must clearly differentiate the proposed project from total operating budget, as well as meeting other criteria.

Quarterly Grants are specifically geared toward providing the essentials of life for kids. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • After-school and mentoring programs
  • Leadership development experiences of all types
  • Promoting literacy and a love of learning
  • Coping with homelessness and difficult family dynamics
  • Promoting mental health and developing effective change and coping mechanisms
  • Learning life-management skills — learning about earning, saving, budgeting money, and spending money
  • General welfare of youths’ lives

The Foundation grants will not be given to support:

  • General operating expenses or annual operating budget
  • Endowments
  • Conferences or seminars
  • Training of trainers or teachers
  • Facilities renovation or improvements

We do not support multi-year requests or capital campaigns. We also ask that grant recipients not apply for additional funding for at least 12 months or one calendar year, whichever is longer, from the conclusion of any previously funded projects before submitting another request.  The bank will take into consideration total donations of Androscoggin Bank in deciding upon a grant request to the foundation.  Grants awarded are generally limited to the market areas served by Androscoggin Bank.