Our branches will be closing early on Wednesday, December 6th for an offsite employee training.
Branches outside of Lewiston Auburn (Brunswick, Gray, Jay, Lisbon Falls, Portland, Turner, and South Paris) will be closing at 12:30.
Branches within Lewiston Auburn (Main Office, Minot Ave, Subaru Drive, and Sabattus Street) will be closing at 1:00.

Shining a Light on Sustainability: How Our B Corp Bank Continues to Go Green

Shining a Light on Sustainability: How Our B Corp Bank Continues to Go Green

As a B Corp Bank, we are always looking for new ways to leave a lasting impact on our society and environment. Over the past year, our Facilities Supervisor observed a pressing issue – the majority of our lighting across our footprint was in need of repair. Frequent lighting failures resulted in growing facilities tickets, vendor repairs and operating costs, making it clear that a change was needed.

While cutting costs was a priority, it was also imperative to find a solution that aligned with our core values and goals. In our research we discovered that Efficiency Maine had a program designed to assist Maine businesses in becoming more energy-efficient. Using this program we wanted to accomplish four primary objectives:

  • Improve overall lighting functionality
  • Improve colleague safety and building security
  • Lower operating costs by using less energy and requiring little to no vendor involvement to repair light fixtures
  • Lower our carbon footprint – further aligning with our strategy as a Certified B Corp

With the help of Efficiency Maine, we replaced all of our lighting fixtures with LED lights, a change that will save us 106,000 kWh usage hours, the equivalent of $22,446 in annual energy costs. This project represents a win on three fronts for the Bank; lessening our carbon footprint, reducing our costs and supporting Snow’s Electric, a trusted and local, women-owned vendor.

Looking forward to the future, we’re benchmarking electrical usage at each location which puts us in a position to measure the real benefits over the next year. We look forward to sharing the results with you as soon as we can. Overall, this is a tremendous example of the real work the Bank and our Environmental Stewardship Impact Team members are doing to reach a more efficient and sustainable future.